The Secrets of Paris

The Secrets of Paris

Darkness stirs in the heart of Paris – a painting was stolen, and you must find it.

  • 2-5 players
  • 70 minutes
  • 700Kč – 2 people, 1200Kč – 3 and more
  • Room has AC
  • Difficulty:


A crime has disrupted the romantic atmosphere of Paris – a painting of great renown and value has gone missing. You sneak into what you believe is the thief’s room, only to find locks and ciphers more mysterious than the City of Love itself. Can you solve the puzzles and recover the painting before the thief returns?

Total escape room classic – a story that doesn’t delay you too much and a number of tasks that can be performed in parallel (you can solve multiple tasks at once). For this reason, the game is especially suitable for larger teams (but can even pairs can succeed) and all who like interesting puzzles in the classic coat of opening code locks.

The game requires no special clothing or equipment. Team spirit and enthusiasm for the game are important.

The team will be locked into the room. The task is to get out of the room in 70 minutes. It’s seemingly simple, but there are plenty of logical puzzles, mysteries and tasks to solve. The room will test the team’s ability to cooperate, think about tasks and understand the connections. Above all, you will experience a great adventure.

The game was formerly called The Secret of Paris by Locksmith Escape!