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Are Escape Games suitable for children?

Suitability for children varies from escape game to escape game. In general, we do not prohibit children from participating, but some of our games are definitely not recommended for young children.
All of our games include small parts, so for safety reasons, participation by pre-school children is not appropriate.

Below you can find a list starting with the most child-friendly escape game.

This escape game is suitable for children who can already read well. The tasks are not too complicated and they will certainly enjoy solving them.

The difficulty of THE SECRETS OF PARIS is higher than that of THE LOST CITY.
But clever children who can read well are likely to enjoy THE SECRETS OF PARIS as well.

THE END OF DAY(S) is set in a dark atmosphere complete with spooky effects and music.
If your child is over 12 years old and fearless, they may enjoy the game. Otherwise, it may be a very unpleasant experience for them.

In CHERNOBYL’S DOOM, you will experience the story of a nuclear catastrophe in a very tense atmosphere where death awaits at every turn.
This game is not recommended for children under 15 years of age unless you are sure they can handle this realistically tragic atmosphere.

Can more players than recommended come to one game?

If the maximum recommended number of players is exceeded, we cannot guarantee an ideal experience – players will not have their own space and solving tasks will not be as efficient. However, if you still want to play with a larger team, we will allow you to play the game. But our recommendation is to split your group and play different games – all our games are in one place and it is possible to play several at once. Take a look at our page about group events here.

Can we play more than one game at the same time?

We have a lot of experience in organising group events – if you are interested, check out our page about group events here for more information.

What is the best way to get to the game?

You can find us at 271/29 Hybešova Street in Brno – the best way to reach us is on foot from the centre (we are a 10 minute walk from the Main Railway Station) or by public transport – Tram lines 1, 2 – stop Hybešova. By car, you can try to park in nearby streets in Zone B (first hour free, then 30 CZK/hour). From our experience, however, we’d rather recommend PINKI PARK parking house less than 5 minutes walk from our premises (current capacity and price here) or similarly close parking lot near St Anne’s Hospital (more info here).


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Can I come play even if I’m pregnant?

Suitability for pregnant women varies from game to game. In general, we do not prohibit the participation of pregnant women, but in some of our games it may be dangerous or uncomfortable for the expectant mother. Please also keep in mind that it is necessary to climb 3 floors of the historic building by stairs before the game.

Below you will find a list starting with the most appropriate game.

We consider THE SECRETS OF PARIS to be the most suitable game for pregnant women.
The atmosphere of the game flows calmly and it is possible to sit down comfortably.

From our point of view, THE LOST CITY is suitable for pregnant women for most of the game, but it does contain one frightening moment. If you want to avoid it, please ask our gamemaster to remove it from the game before playing.

THE END OF DAY(S) takes place in a dark atmosphere complete with spooky effects and music.
Due to the “scares” you will encounter, we consider this game unsuitable for pregnant women. Unfortunately, the “scares” in this game cannot be removed.

In CHERNOBYL’S DOOM, you will experience the aftermath of a nuclear catastrophe in a very tense atmosphere where death awaits at every turn.
This game is not recommended for pregnant women at all due to the highly stressful atmosphere. In addition, you need to be able to move quickly through the game to fully experience CHERNOBYL’S DOOM.

How difficult the games are?

Each of our games is specific in some way, which can make it easier for some players and harder for others. In general, our games are of medium difficulty, but you can read more about the specific difficulty below:

THE LOST CITY is probably our easiest game, we categorize the difficulty as easy to medium. Despite this, however, there are a number of puzzles, quests and challenges awaiting players, so even this game is challenging for most of the teams.

The puzzles in THE SECRETS OF PARIS are no harder than in THE LOST CITY, but there are many more – the advantage is that you can often solve multiple puzzles at the same time. To get through this game in the time limit, a good team will definitely come in handy.

In THE END OF DAY(S) you will go to a dark temple – the game will be plagued by a spooky atmosphere and symbolic quests. However, the quests themselves are moderately challenging, so if you’re made for fear, you’ll certainly be able to handle it!

The individual tasks in CHERNOBYL’S DOOM are no harder than in other games, but the difficulty differs in that there is a strict time limit for each individual task – this game will therefore be easier for those who can handle working under pressure, and harder for those who prefer to tackle individual tasks one at a time without any time pressure. In addition, players have to deal with the danger of radiation, which makes solving the tasks even more complicated.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

We apologize, but our games are located on the 3rd floor of a historic building that unfortunately does not have an elevator or other wheelchair access. For this reason, we have not even optimized our escape games for wheelchair access – but it is still true that the most physically demanding part of the experience is climbing the stairs to the 3rd floor.

Are Escape Games suitable for people with epilepsy or after eye surgery?

In each of our games, light is handled in a very specific way and thus differs significantly with regard to the risk of epileptic seizures:

In THE SECRETS OF PARIS there are no flickering effects except for artificial electric “candles” that faithfully imitate the burning of a flame.

Apart from artificial electric “candles”, in THE LOST CITY some of the spaces are illuminated by fluorescent lights during parts of the game. This is our only game in which fluorescent lights are used for part of the lighting.

In CHERNOBYL’S DOOM, lighting is occasionally switched off and on, but players can usually decide how often this happens during the game. There is also a diagnostic device in the command center, which may flash various warnings – but these are only small LEDs.

THE END OF DAY(S) takes place in a dark atmosphere, which includes violent flashing light effects – so this game is definitely not recommended for players with epilepsy or with increased visual sensitivity (e.g. fresh from eye surgery).

Otherwise, there are areas of reduced visibility in all our games – although there are torches, electric “candles” or lamps available, if you have reduced visibility in twilight after surgery, for example, it may be more difficult to solve some tasks.

What if I am color blind?

You will certainly enjoy our games even with color blindness, but unfortunately there is at least one task in each of them where it is important to distinguish the colors from each other – for this reason we definitely recommend having at least one player in your team who can correctly identify the colors when necessary.

Is it possible to extend validity of a gift voucher?

If you need to extend the validity, please email the voucher code to and we will do our best to help you 😊

What about invoicing?

We will be happy to invoice you for your games – please request an invoice by contacting us at We are not VAT registered, our Company ID number is 07418841.

If you do not need an invoice, we can issue you a handwritten payment receipt after the game.

What should I wear?

With all our games, there is a risk of getting dirty if you’re not careful. Only in THE SECRETS OF PARIS is this risk minimal.
The rooms tend to be approximately room temperature (heating in winter, AC in summer), but we recommend wearing an extra layer to avoid getting cold (for example, when solving a long task).
You can lock your remaining clothes and personal items in the lockers at our reception.

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