The world is plunging further into darkness

The last remnants of light are disappearing from the world and everything is being enveloped in darkness. The barrier that protects our world from the world of eternal nothingness is loosening and Darkness itself is returning to this world to finish what it started…

Arm yourself with a sharp mind and a team of 2-5 adventurers and set out to save the world before all is lost. A chilling escape game awaits, full of magic fueled by modern technology and a working magic wand. Please have a look at our FAQ regarding suitability for children, pregnant women, and more.

2-5 players

1600 CZK / team

60 minutes

Functional magical wand

The game contains flashing light effects, so it is not suitable for epileptics and may cause problems for people with certain visual problems (for example, following eye surgery). Please consult with us in advance if children would like to participate in the game.

We accept both cash and contactless card payments. We also accept selected cryptowallets (Elly,, Binance), Edenred cards and vouchers (Benefits, Compliments, Sport & Culture, Multi) and Sodexo (Gift Pass, Flexi Pass, Fokus Pass, Flexi Pass CARD, eVoucher).

You can also find Nest Escape on our partner site and on the wonderful site

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