Can I come play even if I’m pregnant?

Suitability for pregnant women varies from game to game. In general, we do not prohibit the participation of pregnant women, but in some of our games it may be dangerous or uncomfortable for the expectant mother. Please also keep in mind that it is necessary to climb 3 floors of the historic building by stairs before the game.

Below you will find a list starting with the most appropriate game.

We consider THE SECRETS OF PARIS to be the most suitable game for pregnant women.
The atmosphere of the game flows calmly and it is possible to sit down comfortably.

From our point of view, THE LOST CITY is suitable for pregnant women for most of the game, but it does contain one frightening moment. If you want to avoid it, please ask our gamemaster to remove it from the game before playing.

THE END OF DAY(S) takes place in a dark atmosphere complete with spooky effects and music.
Due to the “scares” you will encounter, we consider this game unsuitable for pregnant women. Unfortunately, the “scares” in this game cannot be removed.

In CHERNOBYL’S DOOM, you will experience the aftermath of a nuclear catastrophe in a very tense atmosphere where death awaits at every turn.
This game is not recommended for pregnant women at all due to the highly stressful atmosphere. In addition, you need to be able to move quickly through the game to fully experience CHERNOBYL’S DOOM.

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