How difficult the games are?

Each of our games is specific in some way, which can make it easier for some players and harder for others. In general, our games are of medium difficulty, but you can read more about the specific difficulty below:

THE LOST CITY is probably our easiest game, we categorize the difficulty as easy to medium. Despite this, however, there are a number of puzzles, quests and challenges awaiting players, so even this game is challenging for most of the teams.

The puzzles in THE SECRETS OF PARIS are no harder than in THE LOST CITY, but there are many more – the advantage is that you can often solve multiple puzzles at the same time. To get through this game in the time limit, a good team will definitely come in handy.

In THE END OF DAY(S) you will go to a dark temple – the game will be plagued by a spooky atmosphere and symbolic quests. However, the quests themselves are moderately challenging, so if you’re made for fear, you’ll certainly be able to handle it!

The individual tasks in CHERNOBYL’S DOOM are no harder than in other games, but the difficulty differs in that there is a strict time limit for each individual task – this game will therefore be easier for those who can handle working under pressure, and harder for those who prefer to tackle individual tasks one at a time without any time pressure. In addition, players have to deal with the danger of radiation, which makes solving the tasks even more complicated.

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